Life in London


London life was an experience that altered the way I view world and even the littlest things. The different things I learned on such a wide spectrum is what I will take away the most. In some of the most centralized places you can learn about the history of a place and how it impacted London and at the same time have a street performer in the background, or a group of tourist taken a selfie. I was able to get out of the big city and travel to Hampton Courts and Brighton Beach and experience a slower paste of the British life.

A few of the life lessons I learned: 1- The people make the trip. I could not have asked for a better group of people to travel abroad with. 2-  Trying public transportation for the first time in another country isn’t as intimidating as one would think. 3-  Although London was not a huge culture shock seeing all of the hospitality and acceptance London had to offer was inspirational.

Mollie Ponds

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