I Really Need to do My Laundry

A few days ago, I was cleaning my room and I found some memorabilia from my trip to Uganda, and I actually got emotional.

I found a reusable grocery bag that I got from a supermarket and it still had red dirt on it. It reminded me of the time Camille, Taylor, Megan, Trent, David, and I went to Kasese to pick up Sylvia. While we were waiting for Sylvia’s bus, we went in to a small market and got ice cream. This was the first taste of ice cream we had since our flight to Brussels (around 2-3 weeks in the country). To us, the strawberry swirl was the best tasting ice cream we’ve ever had. When we were satisfied, some of us (not me because I’m a pig and ate all of my ice cream) still had ice cream and we gave it to some kids on the side of the street and it put a huge smile on their faces.

I found my swimming suit that I swam in Lake Victoria wearing (and it was still dirty). The day we left for America, we spent 3-4 hours at Aero Beach, a beach 4 minutes from the airport. When we got out of the water, the showering facilities were closed so we had to get creative. We got several buckets of water, got some soap, held up some towels and we literally showered by splashing water on our naked and exposed bodies. The beach was packed so this was kind of awkward; but we had to clean ourselves before our 30+ hours of transit! After we were clean and had dry clothes on, we threw our suites in our bags and went to the airport. I’m sure once we got home, all of my fellow travelers had washed their suites—but it took me a month to wash mine. Seeing the suit forced me remember the raw beauty of Uganda and all of the happy times I had in the waters of Uganda.

I know that the items I found don’t seem important but they reminded me of some of my most memorable moments of my trip to Uganda. Finding these items made me miss the beauty of the country, Balaku Ronald (I sponsor his education), Sylvia, and all of the other friends I made.


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