At the start of this past summer, I took the trip of a lifetime to London! I enjoyed 8 days packed with fun and discovery, and made some unforgettable memories! IMG_3650

If you’re an English major like me, hearing about London may automatically make you think of Shakespeare. Leading up to the trip, attending plays at The Globe Theatre was one of the activities I most looked forward to. The Globe did not disappoint! This summer, the Globe put on its ‘Summer of Love’ series, including my personal favorite of Shakespeare’s works, “Twelfth Night.”
As I walked into the Globe Theatre, I had an expectation that I’d likely be seeing a very traditional portrayal of the play. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead, the play was extremely modernized, to say the least. Instead of the shared lighting performance that I’d expected, the stage lit up like a rock concert! Actors and actresses were dressed in flashy 70s-era costume. Traditionally a very musical play, this performance of Twelfth Night was filled with song, reinforcing the atmosphere of a feel-good concert.
Although traditionalists may be appalled at this updated and flashy performance, seeing Twelfth Night at the Globe Theatre was the highlight of my Summer 2017 trip to London!

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